Volume 21:31–  Week of October 31, 2021

Colossians 4:2 – “Devote yourselves to prayer being watchful and thankful”


We often experience “roadblocks” and “hurdles” that impede our daily lives – both personally and professionally.  I recommend that you use these “roadblocks” and “hurdles” as a reminder to reach out to God, our redeemer and protector.  This practice has several benefits.  The first is obvious….talking with God blesses us and strengthens our relationship with Him.  Another benefit is that our disappointments in our life journey, instead of dragging us down, are transformed into opportunities for good.  This transformation removes the sting from difficult circumstances making it possible to be joyful in the midst of adversity.  You can begin this spiritual practice by taking the all the little disappointments of daily life and reframe these setbacks as opportunities.   We will find that we gain a lot more than what we might have lost.

I pray this week for you give God all your disappointments and that you build your spiritual practice each day by sharing them with God.

Prayer Requests:  (Please send any new prayer requests to my e-mail address rsnyder@voaches.org.)

  • Thank God for His grace and mercy in our lives and for loving us unconditionally.
  • Pray for all the men, women and children in our care every day.  Pray for their health, safety, and healing.
  • Pray for our Residential Reentry Center, DC Hope Center, MD Hope Center and the remainder of our programs as they experience new challenges and opportunities together.
  • Pray for the men, women and children in our service as the Delta Variant of COVID-19 continues to create health challenges, uncertainty and fear.  Pray for our direct support workers, medical teams and leadership as they navigate through the challenges ahead.
  • Pray for our Board Chair, Ruth Pollard and the newly elected officers of our affiliate.  Pray for wisdom, discernment of God’s will, love and compassion for our mission.
  • Pray for all of our friends, family and loved ones who are struggling with health concerns this week.  Pray for a positive diagnosis and healing for each and every individual and family.  May God’s presences be around each and every one who is challenged by sickness, injury and difficult circumstances.
  • Praise God for allowing us to have freedoms and enjoy peace.  Thanks be to God for loving us unconditionally.
  • Pray for all those struggling with their path in life.  Pray for God’s presence in their lives.
  • Praise God for those children who have been confirmed or baptized and their parents and their commitment to enter into a relationship with our God.
  • Continue to pray for Sandy Pullara, a colleague in Northern Virginia – MVLE, Inc., whose husband is in hospice due to the terminal effects of cancer.  Pray for his peace and her support and strength through the difficult times ahead.  Pray for Jesus to light their way and be present in their lives.
  • Pray for all those that have a disability that God may offer more dreams and hope to their lives.
  • Continue to pray for the VOA Southwest Affiliate who is undergoing recent challenges.  Pray for mercy, strength, wisdom and grace.
  • Pray for our stewardship ministry to thrive in our affiliate.
  • Praise God for using Volunteers of America as a vessel of his abundance of grace and mercy to our Nation’s most vulnerable people and families for over 125 Years.
  • Praise God for His strength and enabling us to find strength in Him.
  • Continue to pray for our church without walls and those seeking to identify their spiritual gifts and contribute to our stewardship ministry.  Pray for discernment and revealing each of our spiritual gifts.
  • Continue to pray for our upcoming “healing conversation” that will be hosted by our affiliate later this month.
  • Continue to pray for the healing of our souls that are hurting or fractured due to COVID -19 and our political divide.  Pray for the protection of all of our workers as they serve our Lord with compassion on the front lines.
  • Continue to pray for the family of Melinda Robinson (DC IDD Program) who transitioned last month.  Pray for God’s love to manifest in the family’s lives in the days, weeks and months ahead.  Pray for God’s healing touch to comfort the Robinson family during this difficult time.
  • Pray for healing to continue, day after day, week after week and month after month this year.
  • Thank God for leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King and the imprint they have left on our country by leading with faith.
  • Continue to pray for our Country and our Nation’s leaders.  Pray for peace and forgiveness and may God’s greatest good  be all around our Nation in the days, weeks and months ahead.
  • Continue to pray for peace and a growing relationship with our Lord during the New Year.
  • Pray for peace and end to the divide in our country with this change of leadership.
  • Pray for an end to isolation and suffering due to COVID-19.  Pray for God’s greatest good be manifested in our lives..
  • Pray for our divided Nation.  Pray for our leaders and for God’s grace and mercy.  Pray for peace and love throughout our communities.
  • Thank God for meeting us and being with us in the “middle”.
  • Continue to pray for our children who have adjusted to remote or virtual learning and will be struggling in the fall by having to continue this distance learning for the near future.
  • Praise God for his promise of keeping us whole in Him.  
  • Praise God for the freedoms we have been given.  Even though some of the freedoms have been restricted due to COVID-19, thank Him for his gifts of love, compassion, joy, patience, kindness and peace.
  • Continue to pray for our country.  Pray for the eradication of social injustice, systemic racism and a time of peace, love, equality and unity for all God’s beloved people.  Pray for the families who have lost loved ones to violence – everyday.  Pray for healing. 
  • Praying for the medical personnel, emergency responders, and our service men and women who are begin placed at risk to do their jobs this week to battle COVID-19.
  • Praying for our Nation, State, Counties and communities to be safe and have God’s healing touch in our lives.
  • Praying for our employees, clients, volunteers and donors and may God’s love manifest in our affiliate all week.
  • Praying for comfort, peace and joy for today.
  • Pray for love and kindness in the world this year.
  • Pray for those in our hearts and minds that are struggling with their lives.  Pray for God’s presence to manifest in their circle and daily being.  Pray for their strength to overcome their disease, injury or incredible pain.
  • Pray for the blessing of additional resources to Volunteers of America Chesapeake & Carolinas
  • Pray for the homeless who are unable to have a voice for themselves.  Pray for shelter, food and hope in the week ahead.
  • Prayers for those in our hearts and minds that are struggling with finances, lost a job, are sick or injured, or are stuck in their own exile due to addictions, anger or other difficulties on this earth.
  • Praise God for new beginnings every day and especially as we enter a new year full of hope and dependence in Him.
  • Praise God for the Incarnation.  For joining us on this earth and giving us peace.  Thanks be to God for His son Jesus Christ – the savior of the world.
  • Pray for those that are not believers as we enter the New Year.  Pray that they find a relationship with God and experience the Holy Spirit.
  • Praise and thank God for all the you have – your health, family, friends, food, a home, and for your employment.
  • Praise God for our children and protect them from the effects of war, strife and poverty.  
  • Continue to pray for Volunteers of America.  Pray for freedom through God’s grace and mercy in the lives of the people we serve and our employees.
  • Pray for all those that have lost loved ones in the past year and for their peace and freedom from grief and loss.
  • Pray for those that are struggling with health issues, personal stresses or concerns, and those that are hurting in our world.  May the prayer of God’s love and light be present among those struggling this week.
  • Thank God for Jesus’s life and the resurrection and renewal that came with His sacrifice.
  • Thank God for our veterans who have protected our country.  Praise God for their strength, gift of protection and service to our Nation.
  • Praise God for our Volunteers of America Church without Walls and our ministers.  Pray for their boldness in sharing God’s light and love with others.
  • Praise God for shaping each of us as a unique person and part of the Body of Christ.
  • Praise God for His mercy and grace.  Thank God for the opportunity to have a personal resurrection.
  • Praise God for sunrises and sunsets every day.
  • Pray for God’s mercy and grace in our lives as we serve our regions’ most vulnerable.  Pray for God’s favor for our affiliate.
  • Pray for those undergoing cancer treatment and for God to grace us with a cure.
  • Praise God for each day.  Give all things to God in thanksgiving.
  • Praise God for his splendor in our lives.
  • Praise God for freely giving us peace in this troubled world.
  • Thank and praise God for his unconditional love for us. 
  • Pray for those struggling with anxiety about their jobs, a relationship, health concerns or their safety.  Pray that God will manifest the greatest good in all our moments this week.  Pray for peace.
  • Continue to pray for our country and elected leaders.  May they be blessed with God’s grace and mercy to do what is right for all people living in our great land.
  • Pray for our brothers and sisters who are struggling in their lives.  Pray for their hope, endurance and peace for a better future.
  • Pray for healing in our communities, our state, the nation and our world.
  • Pray for those of our family that are injured, suffering from an illness or struggling.  Pray for their peace, God’s healing touch and an infusion of love and light in their lives this week.
  • Praise God for Volunteers of America’ s Ministry of Service expanding and flourishing throughout the United States.
  • Pray for the homeless and those who need love and mercy in their lives. Pray for a roof over their heads and warm meal in their stomachs.
  • Pray for all the veterans and their families this week.  Praise God for their sacrifices.
  • Pray for all those struggling in our lives for purpose and understanding.
  •  Pray for all the congregations and places of worship out their struggling to keep their doors open due to financial concerns and apathy in our communities.  Pray for perseverance, strength and blessings upon the pastors, rabbi’s, priests, deacons and congregants who love God and want a place to worship Him.
  • Pray for Volunteers of America Chesapeake, Inc. Executive Leadership Team to lead with compassion, purpose and co-create with God and not independent of Him.
  • Thank God for our families, children, parents, friends, health, and employment.
  •    Pray for the men, women and children in our care.  Pray for their safety, peace, health, and to shine God’s light through them.
  • Pray for our heroes in Afghanistan and Iraq who continue to fight for our freedoms.  Pray for our service men and women and their families.
  • Praise God for his tender mercies and everyday guidance.  Pray for God’s healing touch, peace and grace.
  • Pray for strength and perseverance as a church who loves and respects the people.
  • Thanks be to God for family, friends and all the good things we have in the world.
  •   Pray for healing powers to reduce the stress of our work day and also to find strength in God.
  • Pray for continued passion and those dedicated to our mission to be “Called to care.”
  • Pray for those struggling with finances or personal issues
  • Pray that they find peace through others who are faithful to our Lord.
  • Pray for the silent people that are hurting and who need God to give them strength and courage.
  •   Pray for “one more chance” for those men, women and children who struggle in this world.
  • Praise God for his presence and the gift of life.
  • Praise God for our children, spouse, family and friends.
  • Thank God for all the blessings and joy he gives us.
  •  Thank God for our staff who serves the clients every day with love and compassion.
  • Pray for the men and women who are incarcerated.
  • Pray for those men and women in the armed forces who remain in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pray for a blanket of safety around them.
  • Pray that every VOA Chesapeake employee lives our core values of visionary, one body, integrity, compassion, excellence and faith each and every day.
  •   Pray for Mike King, President/CEO, or our National Office as he continues to successfully lead our organization.
  •   Pray for our Board of Director Members as they continue the journey of transitioning to serving others in our organization.
  • Pray for peace and for the overcoming of evil in this world through our Christian actions.
  •   Pray for the homeless who need shelter, a warm meal, and a safe place to sleep.
  •    Pray for our transformation and daily renewal in the Holy Spirit.
  •   Praise God for our Christian Family.
  • Pray for love, hope, strength and peace
  •    Praise God for his mercy and grace.
  •    For the grace and blessings to serve homeless veterans’ who are returning to the community in our region. For Volunteers of America Chesapeake & Carolinas programs and the clients, consumers and residents we serve as well as their families.
  • For peace for all of us to stop and slow down and see the grace of our Father in Heaven in our daily lives.
  •   For the wisdom and guidance only God can provide.
  • For our ministry in Volunteers of America to grow. 

Final Thought:

Pray, be grateful, and speak with God!!

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