Blessed & Highly Favored

Being blessed isn’t based on something you’ve necessarily done or will do. It’s recognizing that you’re blessed in a sense of being thankful to see a new day. We are blessed because God has graciously willed it to be so.  “Highly favored” means you are chosen to fulfil a specific duty. Being blessed and highly favored is a (pre) manifestation over your life and the things that you will encounter and fulfil. God has committed himself to our good for His glory. In all of this, let us not forget that just because we are blessed and favored, it doesn’t exempt us from trials, hard times, hurt, pain, etc. Those things keeps us strong in Him.

Always continue to keep speaking blessings and favor over your life and say/believe it because CHRIST is your reality. What He says in His word is always true and will forever come to pass.

God Bless You All!

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