The precious Lamb of God. 

When we think of all of who we are and why we are, it’s because of no other thing or being except for Christ our Lord, the Lamb of God! What a joy it is to know that He will always be who He is no matter how we present ourselves. In our messiness, in our inconsistency, in our disobedience, in our depression, even in our best of times, God is STILL who HE is. He looks pass every fault and sees our needs, regardless of the circumstance. Even when we don’t see ourselves being worthy, our God thinks the highest of us. How can someone love us so? We are just grateful that He continues to sees us fit to live this life that He has blessed each of us with and every single day, we face new mercies because of Him. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

The Precious Lamb of God…


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