My Life, My Love, My All

When you look on it, how much of yourself and your life do you actually surrender to God?

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that magnitude of how BIG our God really is and what he’s capable of doing and being.

Surrendering to God will be the best thing you’ve ever done! We are not meant to keep certain parts back but surrender our whole life to Him in an act of obedience and complete trust. As Christians, we are called to turn over every aspect of our lives to God’s control, but how do you surrender to God spiritually? There is no one-step way to surrender to God, it’s a daily, moment by moment choice to give it to God. Let’s change our perspectives; shift our focus; place our plans before him; seek His will. Everything we do is ultimately in order to please God! Don’t we owe him at least THAT much for what He’s done for us and what He’s been TO us!? I’m getting happy just thinking about it! Watch your purpose change by just giving it ALL to God. Oh what a joy it will be when we finally see His face and he says, “Well Done!”.

“Oh, Lamb so true. I surrender to you my life, my love, my all. Jesus you are my life, my love my love.”

Song by Kirk Franklin. Watch the video on YouTube here.

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