Victorious Living

(Psalm 103:2) Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits. 

 “Faith and Patience – the Power Twins.”  We started listing the benefits of walking in faith and patience a couple of weeks, and so far, we have stated that when you walk in faith and patience you live a positive, stable, peaceful, healthy, discipline, fearless, and confident life.  This morning we will cover another benefit and this one is worth addressing by itself.  When you live a life of faith and patience you live a Victorious Life! 

When most people think of victory they think of a contest or a battle.  They think of two sides going against each other and one side coming out as the victor.  For example, many think of a championship boxing match where two people go ‘toe-to-toe’ until one is knocked out or until the final bell rings.  At the end of the fight the victor stands with his hands held high enjoying the thrill of victory with the championship belt; while the loser hangs his held low, enduring the agony of defeat.  Others might think of a championship basketball game (NBA Finals Game 7) where two teams give their all, for four quarters.  When the buzzer sounds at the end of the fourth quarter the team on top is that team that breaks loose in celebration, while the losing squad emotionally crumbles under the reality of the loss.  

 In both cases there is a victor and a loser and so it is in the spirit realm.  Satan has already been defeated.  Jesus conquered satan, hell, and the grave when He suffered, bled, died, and then rose from the dead.  He has all authority, both in heaven and in earth (Mat 28:18).  Jesus took the sting out of death (1 Cor 15:55).  Satan knows the Bible and he knows what the end of the book says.  He knows that he is a conquered enemy, but he also knows that he does not want to go down alone.  Misery loves company and he attempts to share his misery with as many people as he can. 

Once we are Born-Again we have the victory, but that does not mean that we know how to live like it.  One of the key benefits of operating in faith and patience is that we live a victorious life, because we learn how to fight the good fight of faith with the shield of faith (1 Tim 6:12, Eph 6:16).  We cannot operate by faith without the Word of God, because faith is confidence in God and His Word.  If you look at the six pieces of the armor of God (belt, breastplate, shoes, helmet, shield, and sword), you realize that the only offensive weapon in this equipment is the sword and this sword is actually the Sword of the Spiritwhich is the Word of God (Eph 6:17). 

So what does this mean to you today? It means that we are in a constant fight.  It means that there is a ‘real’ opposing side.  It means that our opposition knows that he has already lost in the spirit realm, but he knows that he can still cause all sorts of havoc in our lives in the natural realm; if we let him.  And it means that the only authorized way for us to fight back is by fighting the good fight of faith, with the shield of faith, and the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God).  When we operate in faith and patience we enjoy Victory! 

Words of Clarity/Wisdom: However, we have to ask, what does victory look like? Meaning, victory does not mean we will never have problems, I think 2020/21 showed us that, where COVID-19, hurricane Ida and the flooding in Louisiana, racial tensions etc., problems in Afghanistan, earthquakes in Haiti, forest fires, and the insurrection of the Capital, just to name a few, shows us, we will go through things, so victory does not mean we will never face challenges. If anything, it means we will have victory in those challenges. Meaning, in order to have victory we need to be battling something! Secondly, what does victory look like? Meaning, yes, we get the victory but it may not look like we think it should or how we think God will deliver us. So, victory takes on many forms, and it may not look like we thought it would. Meaning, we can pray for someone to be healed; they don’t get healed and they pass away. But Paul says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, (2 Cor 5:8) so death is victory because we are now with Jesus, so we still have victory, it just didn’t come in a way that we may have liked, but it is still victory nonetheless!  

I’m reminded of the song by Elevation Church that says, “I’m gonna see a victoryI’m gonna see a victory, cuz the battle belongs to You Lord”. However, if we are not careful, we will always think we, as believers, will never get COVID, or we would never die from it, or nothing bad will ever happen to us. Well, we know that is not the case. So again, victory yes, but what does victory look like? Please remember that! That way, we will not be disappointed when it doesn’t go how we wanted it to go, which may happen sometimes. So, there needs to be a balance in how we teach it and sing about it, so we can have a more balanced approach and be better grounded. So, getting a balance in this is key; that way we don’t blame God when things don’t go our way like it’s His fault. It’s not His fault. It’s our fault because we did not have a right understanding of how this whole thing works, Amen? Now, can God supernaturally move and give us immediate breakthrough? Of course, that’s why we pray, with that hope. But just continue to walk in faith and patience even if it doesn’t. Again, have a balance; that’s what I’m saying. Praise Him!  

Closing Prayer:  Lord God.  I know that heaven is a real place and I know that I will enjoy heaven some day and I am settled in that, but I also know that it is Your will that I enjoy my life now.  I am alive and I refuse to accept defeat.  I am the victor and not the victim.  I am the champion and not the loser.  There is a loser and I am not him.  Satan is already defeated and I refuse to allow him to share his defeat and his misery with me.  I fight the good fight of faith and I enjoy a victorious life NOW and I accept Your way, Your Will, and Your Word over my life!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen! 

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